Las Vegas Gakuen Language Course Program
Language Class 100 (L100)Open for students 6 years old – 12 years old, with no previous Japanese language training. Students will learn how to say proper greetings and basic everyday phrases in Japanese, learn how to read and write Japanese (hiragana) syllables including modified letters, and learn about Japanese culture and vocabulary through playing various types of Japanese games. Lessons from 1-17 in the textbook will be covered in this class.
(Age 6 – 12)

Language Class 200 (L200)To enroll in this class, students must have completed L100 or have mastered both writing and reading Hiragana. Katakana will be introduced in this class. Students will learn how to read and write 46 katakana letters. Speaking, listening, and writing skills will also be developed. Lessons from 18-34 will be covered.
(Age 7 – 12)
Language Class 300 (L300)L300 is an intermediate class, which provides continued introduction to Japanese language. It emphasizes four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will learn new sentence patterns introduced in the textbook from lesson 35 to 50, and 80 new kanji characters (1st grade kanji). Students will also be required to take a kanji aptitude test (level 10) in May (or in June if it’s available).
Requirement for this class: Know all hiragana and katakana syllables. Those students who are not continuing from L200 will be asked to take a placement test prepared by the instructor.
(Age 8 – 15)
Language Class 400 (L400)L400 is the advanced language class, emphasizing the application of the four skills in Japanese learned in lower division language classes.
Lessons from 51-95 in the main textbook will be covered. The 2nd grade kanji (160 kanji) will be introduced, and students are recommended to take kanji aptitude test level 9 in January.
(Age 9 – 15)


Although all the language classes are designed to be completed in two years, students can be promoted early by passing the appropriate test.

Please contact the office at or call 702.277.8498 for details.