Welcome to Las Vegas Gakuen

Las Vegas Gakuen is a Japanese Saturday school that is based in Las Vegas area since 1995.

“Our Mission is to provide children quality total education to have an ability to express themselves in Japanese”

Las Vegas Gakuen has 3 courses

1.  Kindergarten (age 3 to 5)

2.  Curriculum (age 6 to 14)

These two courses are targeted for students who needs to stay on par with their peers in Japan.

 3.  Language course (age 6 to 14)

There are four grades in the language course according to age and ability.

School Information Session

for 2019 April Enrollment

Language Course: 2/9/2019 (Saturday)  9:30 AM

(Applicant must be 6 years old by 4/1/2019.  Up to 12 years old for Beginner class)

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