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Las Vegas Gakuen Regulations

1. Regulations of School Program

(1) Las Vegas Gakuen consist of Kindergarten, Curriculum (1st grade to 9th grade), and Language course.

Language course is open for children ranging in age from 6 to 15 years old. There are four grades according to age and ability.

(2) School year starts from April and ends on March.

The first semester : April to October

The second semester : November to March

(3) School opens on every Saturday except on holidays and vacation, 40 school days a year. School may close temporary, depending on school facility’s convenience.


2. Regulations of Enrollment

(1) Applicants need to understand the school foundation and have an ability to achieve the school educational goal.

(2) Documents for enrollment.

The Applicants need to submit the documents below;

Enrollment form

Student family fact sheet

The proof of the status living in USA. (A copy of I-94, Green card, American passport, or birth certificate.)

(3) The placement test or interview may need to enroll higher level classes and to admit in the middle of the school year with some exceptions.


3. Regulation of Long Term Absence

Student must submit a written notice to the school office in order to be excused absent from school for a long term with an unavoidable reason. Absence for more than one semester is not acceptable. There is no refund of paid tuition for the absence.


4. Regulation of Withdrawal

Student must submit the document of withdrawal to the school office through the homeroom teacher as soon as possible. There is no refund of paid tuition for the withdrawal.


5. Regulations of Discipline and Expulsion

(1) Violation of the rules listed below, or the commission of any act defined below may result in the student being suspended, expelled, or other disciplinary action:

a. Absent from school over than three months with no report.

b. Not paying tuition over than one month with no report.

c. Student who does not have a registered guardian in USA. (The registered guardian must have status living in USA.)

d. Incomplete less than 70% of the homework and no possibility of progress.


(2) Violation of the rules listed below, or the commission of any act defined below, the Board members or administrators may decide the student being suspended, expelled, or other disciplinary action:

a. Any student who does not follow the rules of using the school facility.

b. Any student who does not have any motivation of study remarkably, and who interrupt the class continuously.

c. Any student who does not follow the teacher’s direction and school rules.

d. Any student who injures other student or damage belongings intentionally.

e. Any student who is involved in a crime inside or outside of school.

f. Any student who possesses or uses alcoholic beverage, Unlawful drugs and tobacco.

g. Any student who possesses or carries weapons or simulated weapons.

h. Any student who performs violence or fight.

i. Any student who does not follow the law.

Suspended or disciplined more than three times result in student being expelled. Any student who commits serious problem may be expelled immediately without suspension or discipline.


6. Regulations of Promotion and Graduation

(1) Student who is absent from school or class, more than one third of a school year, may receive a special instruction, and being examined of the possibility of promotion.

The list below are valid reasons to be absent.

a. For attending school in Japan with prior report. (Up to 3 days)

b. For taking an exam such as SAT or other qualified exam with prior report.

(2) Student who does not achieve school educational goal significantly, or who fail to pass the achievement/placement test, may not be admitted promotion. Student may have an interview with teacher(s) to avoid repeating the same grade. The decision of repeating will be made by administrator.

(3) Student who finish all subjects will admit to promote to the next grade. The decision of pro- motion will be made by administrator.


7. Regulations of Tuition

(1) Tuition will be paid each semester. (Two times a year.)

(2) Tuition is based by each term, not by each class.

(3) There is no refund of tuition, even if the student quits school in the middle of the term.

(4) Student must pay tuition, even if he/she needs to take a long absence, to continue the school.

(5) Revision of the amount of tuition or other fees will be reviewed by administrator and decided by the board of directors.


Entry Fee :                                                   $75.00

Tuition :                                                       $850.00 / year

First Child                                                   $425.00 / semester

Second and after                                        $395.00 / semester

Textbooks :                                                 $25.00 – $120.00 / school year (approx.)

PTA member Fee :                                     $15.00 / school year for a family

 (based on PTA regulations, cash only, pay directly to the PTA)

Snack fee for Kindergarten :                   TBA


  *Please pay immediately when you receive invoice. All checks are payable to LVNKS.


8. Other Regulations

(1) No meetings, advertisements, handouts or documents are allowed in any place of the school, unless permitted by the school.

(2) Student must follow the rule to borrow books or others from library.

(3) Student who lost or damage books or others must reimburse its actual cost.

(4) Student and their parents or guardian need to follow the “Rules for Students”, “Rules of Parents” and regulation below on using the school facility.

a. Must put everything back to the previous place.

b. Must clean the room completely after use.

c. Must not touch any books, equipment or displays inside and outside of the classroom.


9. Emergency Measure and Insurance of Loss

(1) If student is injured or display symptoms of being ill while attending the school, administrator will contact his/her parents or guardian to ask pick him/her up immediately. In case of extreme emergency or life-threatening accident, administrator will call 911 without parents’/guardian authorization. It is very important to keep all information on emergency card current.

(2) Student will use his/her own insurance when he/she injured or becomes ill by self-responsibility. School insurance may be applied when his/her injury is based on defects of school facility.

(3) Parents or guardian must agree not to prosecute Las Vegas Gakuen or school facility for student’s injury unless the cause of the injury is the school’s (or facility’s) fault.

(4) Teachers will complete an incident report when student is injured during school is in session, and report to school office.

(5) Teachers or staff will not dispense any medication unless it’s notified in written permission submitted to school office in advance.


10. Regulation of Absence Due to Mourning

When student, his/her parents dies, a hundred dollar will be paid from school as condolence money. Days of permitted absence due to mourning.

Death of

Parents : 2 days

Grandparents or sibling : 1 day (2 days when need to travel to Japan for funeral.)